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    It’s almost time! Your due date is quickly approaching and you’re busy getting ready for the big day. One of the common questions we receive during this exciting time is, “What should I bring to the hospital?” Our BirthPlace staff will provide you with everything you and your baby will need until it’s time to return home, including robes and gowns, toiletries, diapers and wipes, and a digital thermometer.


    Any questions about breastfeeding? View our breasteeding FAQ.

    Here's what expecting parents should back in their hospital baby bag:

    • Going-home clothes

    • Personal items 

    • Car seat

    • Extra comfy clothes

    • Baby items


    Going-home clothes 


    Don’t forget to pack fresh clothes for your new little family member to wear home. A cute, newborn onesie is a necessity, but don’t forget clean clothes for yourself and your partner, too!



    Personal Items


    Although it is not necessary, you may want to bring your favorite personal care items such as shampoo and conditioner, a curling iron or hair straightener, and your favorite pillow! Don’t forget to bring your glasses and an extra pair of contacts if you need them. While none of these items are absolutely necessary, having personal products may add to a more relaxing atmosphere in the BirthPlace.



    Car seat 


    You will need to bring a car seat for your baby for your return home. If you are unsure how to properly install your car seat, please make an appointment with our car seat technician at (509) 336-7401, or make an appointment with the local police department. Upon leaving the hospital, the Birthplace staff will check how your baby is secured in the car seat, but because each car seat is different, it is important that you know how your chosen car seat works. You can find more helpful car seat information by visiting this website.



    Extra cozy clothes


    In addition to going-home clothes, feel free to bring extras like your favorite nightgown, pajamas, or a bathrobe and slippers to make your stay extra comfy.



    Baby Items


    Extra baby supplies always come in handy, such as soft baby booties or mitts to cover the baby’s sharp little fingernails!


    If your due date sneaks up on you and you forget to bring your favorite shampoo, don’t worry. The only things you really need to bring are a car seat and clean clothes to wear home. We’ve got the rest of it covered.



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