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    At Pullman Regional Hospital, generosity is part of our culture and is being manifested with the Generosity Inspires program.


    “We call it a program, but it really is a huge part of our culture. We call it a cultural imperative, which means we try to embrace the power of generosity and its transformative energy every day in terms of what we do as an organization taking care of people,” says Megan Guido, Chief Marketing and Community Relations Officer and member of the Generosity Inspires Committee.


    While healthcare workers tend to downplay the generosity they consistently display as “part of the job,” it truly is the ultimate form of giving—especially when you consider healthcare professionals are caring for patients at their most vulnerable states. This program aims to highlight the generosity and let people know how giving and being generous can really change the culture of an organization and the community as a whole.


    Listen to the latest podcast to learn about the community-wide benefits of  Generosity.


    The Inspiration Behind the Inspiration


    The inspiration for Generosity Inspires rose from Leanne Kaiser Carlson, who is one of the founding members of the Kaiser Institute. “She talks about generosity as part of an organization’s culture, particularly in hospitals and healthcare, and we found that to be a natural reflection of our own culture and some of the values we hold—things like flexibility and personal growth and serving others,” shares Guido. “When you think about those traits you may say, ‘well, what does that have to do with generosity?’ But a key mantra we follow is that personal change precedes organizational change. We have to understand ourselves first and work on our own personal growth before we can expect to change an organization.”



    Employee Volunteerism


    Giving people a chance to grow through leadership opportunities and helping to make the community better through volunteering are just two of the characteristics of Generosity Inspires. We have employees who are helping the community in a variety of ways.


    A special campaign starting this summer will highlight some of these stories of members giving back to the community in beautiful ways. Here are just a few examples of Generosity in action:



    Kelly Sebold, MA, CCC_SLP, Speech Language Pathologist (3)


    Fueling the Future


    Being a small, critical access nonprofit hospital in a rural area presents plenty of challenges, but Guido and her fellow members on the committee believe that generosity is really going to be the engine that fuels the hospital’s future.


    As we move towards the Next Era of Excellence, generosity will help fuel the future success of Pullman Regional Hospital.



    Listen to the Podcast




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