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    When it comes to healthcare, communication is critical. We are excited to implement a new on-demand, HIPAA-compliant interpretation service called Martti to help providers communicate effectively with patients who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have limited English proficiency. The new system serves as an interpreter on wheels, providing access to certified medical interpreters at the touch of a button.



    Addressing safety and the patient experience


    Pullman may be considered “small”, but it continues to grow at a steady rate, with an expected 6% growth by 2025. With growth comes increased diversity; in fact, more than 60 different languages are already represented in our community. No matter what language patients speak, everyone deserves the same 5-star quality care when they come to our hospital.


    In the past, when patients have needed translation services, the process was cumbersome and involved a phone being passed around from person to person, resulting in communication errors and frequent misunderstandings. Oftentimes, providers and patients would end up relying on Google Translate or family members to provide the translation, which created patient care and compliance issues.



    Meet Martti


    Martti stands for “My Accessible, Real-Time Trusted Interpreter.” The system has more than 250 languages available for interpretation, including sign language. Patients can either choose their preferred language from the list provided by Martti or by selecting an area on the interactive map. They will then be instantly connected with a certified medical interpreter through audio and/or video depending on the need. Martti also offers comprehensive reporting capabilities so we can monitor how and where the devices are used most frequently to utilize them effectively.


    “We believe this system is easier to use and more comfortable and personal for the patients and providers. Having certified medical translation specialists will help us continue to deliver high quality, safe patient care by eliminating language barriers.” – Hannah Kimball, Corporate Compliance, HIPAA and Safety Coordinator


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