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    In March of 2020, Pullman Regional Hospital initiated the COVID-19 Testing and Triage Center. We administered thousands of tests and, at times, tested hundreds of people a day. Fortunately, the need for testing people with symptoms has steadily declined as more and more people receive their COVID-19 vaccine.


    We recognize the need today is for asymptomatic testing, for people who don’t have symptoms but need a test to verify they are ok to travel, or for work or prior to a procedure. To respond to our community’s needs, Pullman Regional Hospital is transitioning from our COVID-19 Testing and Triage Center to as-needed testing for asymptomatic individuals.


    As-needed testing for patients in our care—emergency, inpatients, and prior to procedures scheduled at our hospital—will continue.


    New asymptomatic COVID-19 testing options as of June 12th:

    If you’re asymptomatic (you don’t have COVID-19 symptoms), and you need a COVID-19 PCR nasal swab test for travel, work, a medical procedure, or for peace of mind, Pullman Regional Hospital can help.


    FOR TRAVEL: Call (509) 336-7359

    • Open Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays from 10am to 3pm
    • Provider's order for the test will be arranged through the Travel Clinic
    • Results in 72 hours on your hospital patient portal
    • $129 fee


    • With your provider’s order, we will provide a self-collection kit at the hospital Emergency Department registration desk
    • Instructions will walk you through how to easily perform your own nasal swab
    • For best results, we recommend you do your nasal swab on-site (in your car) and return your completed kit to the hospital ASAP
    • Results in 72 hours on your hospital patient portal
    • Most insurance providers cover tests ordered by your provider


    • If you have symptoms of COVID-19 or have had an exposure, call your doctor’s office
    • Pullman Regional Hospital will continue to provide COVID-19 testing, as indicated, for emergency patients, inpatients and patients needing pre-procedure testing who are scheduled for a procedure at our hospital
    • If you’re having a procedure at a different facility but want to test here, you can obtain a self-collection kit—with your provider’s orders
    • Additional testing options in Pullman can be found on Whitman County Public Health’s website

    More information can be found online:


    Alison Weigley, Director of External Relations

    Pullman Regional Hospital & Foundation

    Office: (509) 332-2041 / Cell: (509) 330-0242

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