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    Pullman, WA—Pullman Regional Hospital’s Board of Commissioners has approved a funding proposal for a patient care expansion and remodel project of approximately 80,000 square feet. Including minor medical equipment, the project is estimated to cost $45 million.


    Funding will be supported through hospital financing of $10 million, $7.5 million in philanthropy and grants and a request to the community for tax-payer bond support of $27.5 million. Pullman voters in the hospital’s taxing district will vote on the bond measure in the upcoming November 8, 2022 election.


    The plan calls for expanding the emergency department, surgery, surgery recovery unit and gastrointestinal services, mental health services, diagnostic imaging, laboratory services, sleep studies and cardiac and pulmonary services. The plan also aims to integrate services currently off campus, reduce rented spaces and provide patient care spaces for new potential services such as rheumatology, endocrinology and dermatology.


    “This is a nuts and bolts plan to address space challenges which have been building because of consistent demand and growth; it is crucial we grow to serve our growing community,” said Scott Adams, Pullman Regional Hospital CEO. “We need more space for core hospital functions like emergency care, surgery, imaging, laboratory services and others. The lack of space comes at a cost of timely access to the exceptional patient care we are known for at Pullman Regional Hospital.”


    The project signifies the first major expansion for Pullman Regional Hospital since the hospital was built eighteen years ago, in 2004. Currently, the main campus of Pullman Regional Hospital spans 105,000 square feet; the hospital leases an additional 20,000 square feet of space in Pullman.


    Of the 80,000 square feet, 54,000 is new construction—additions to the building and a new structure on hospital-owned property. 17,000 square feet of space within the hospital will be remodeled. New construction and remodels will expand core hospital functions, move patient care to the main campus and reduce rented spaces. Hospital administrative services will relocate to hospital-owned property currently occupied by Summit Therapy which is about 9,000 square feet; therapy services will be integrated within the hospital and new construction.


    The hospital’s facilities planning efforts started in December of 2021 when a Strategic Health Care Facilities Planning Committee—led by Ned Warnick of Design West—was formed. The committee included hospital staff, local physicians, hospital commissioners, members of the Pullman City government, and leaders from Washington State University and Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories.


    The committee shaped goals for hospital expansion plans and helped develop a list of medical entities to interview. Interview feedback from 26 local healthcare entities defined immediate space needs and space for future service line growth. The committee made the final recommendation for expansion and remodeling square footage, which was presented during the public Pullman Regional Hospital Board of Commissioners meeting in May. The plan was unanimously approved during the July public meeting.


    “The space challenges of our hospital must be met now; this plan is the right path, and was a clear and unanimous decision,” said Jeff Elbracht, President of the Pullman Regional Hospital Board of Commissioners. “Funding this project has involved many thoughtful conversations. The current economic environment, inflation and cost of living cannot be ignored, nor can our healthcare and the role this hospital serves. This funding plan is a partnership with the hospital, our supporters and our community.”


    Find more information about the project, timeline and public meetings:


     Contact: Alison Weigley, Director of External Relations

    Pullman Regional Hospital & Foundation

    Office: (509) 332-2041 / Cell: (509) 330-0242

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