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    Pullman Regional Hospital Board Initiates CEO Succession Plan


    PULLMAN, WA—Pullman Regional Hospital Board of Commissioners voted to move forward with the Succession Plan for Chief Executive Officer Permanent Replacement, initiating the two-year process.


    Scott Adams announced in February of this year his plans to retire as CEO of Pullman Regional Hospital in December of 2022, which will mark 30 years of service in this role.


    The Succession Plan, adopted in 2017 by the Board of Commissioners, outlines a two-year transition plan for CEO succession, and requires internal applicants be considered in the first stage, with opportunity to consider external applicants, if necessary.


    “The board has determined the future direction of Pullman Regional Hospital and this direction has been affirmed by hospital leadership and the medical staff,” said Jeff Elbracht, president of the PRH Board of Commissioners. “At this juncture, we are confident to move forward in seeking Chief Executive Officer candidates who also support this direction.”


    In February, the Board of Commissioners sought input from hospital leadership (hospital department directors and assistant directors) and active medical staff regarding a shared future vision of the hospital.


    “Pullman Regional Hospital has been and will continue to be a self-sustaining, patient and employee-focused, award-winning hospital with a unique, open, collaborative and inclusive culture. The recruitment and retention of quality physicians and the addition of specialty healthcare services will continue to be a priority. Included in our continuing priorities is the Next Era of Excellence, which is critical to the ongoing delivery of healthcare. This includes the establishment of a Family Medicine Residency program, that will ensure a pipeline of primary care physicians, an enhanced practice environment for specialty physicians, and improvement in overall quality of care. Also, a community-wide, single electronic medical record to simplify access to health information, as well as ongoing investments in technology and space to meet the growing and changing demands for medical services in the region.”


    The next step of the Succession Plan for the Chief Executive Officer permanent replacement is to announce the CEO position will be opening and the hospital is seeking internal applicants who are interested in joining a growth and development process for possible consideration for the CEO position.


    Future steps of the succession plan will be discussed during Board of Commissioners’ meetings, which are open to the public.


    Contact: Jeff Elbracht, President

    Pullman Regional Hospital Board of Commissioners

    (509) 334-6207


    Contact: Alison Weigley, Director of External Relations

    Pullman Regional Hospital & Foundation

    Office: (509) 332-2041 / Cell: (509) 330-0242


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