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    Pullman, WA— Effective Aug. 1, 2021, Pullman Regional Hospital will institute a policy requiring employees to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 or complete the exemption process, by Oct. 27.Organizational Statement:
    The decision was made after careful consideration, including exploring several alternatives and consulting with a variety of professional organizations and agencies.

    Ultimately, we believe this course of action is most consistent with our Mission, Vision and Values. 

    The vaccine is the most valuable technology for fighting the pandemic. By full vaccination of employees, our organization has an opportunity to set an example and facilitate the healthiest quality of life for our community. We agree with public health experts and virologists in that the vaccine is both very safe and extremely effective.

    COVID-19 Vaccine Policy:
    Becoming and remaining fully vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus or, completing the exemption options noted below, will become a condition of employment for hospital and Clinic Network employees, or a condition of participation for volunteers and students (effective Aug. 1, 2021).

    Options for participation are defined as follows:
    • Become fully vaccinated for COVID-19
    • Complete and have approved a medical exemption by October 27, 2021
    • Complete and have approved a sincerely held religious belief exemption by October 27, 2021
    • Complete and have approved a sincerely held personal belief exemption by October 27, 2021.

    The Personal Exemption will expire on June 1, 2022 or within 2 months following full approval of any of the COVID 19 vaccines by the FDA, whichever date is later. Employees will be expected to be fully vaccinated by that date or to have completed and had approved the medical or religious belief exemptions.

    When a booster immunization for COVID-19 is recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) and adopted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), it will also be required.

    Requirements for non-vaccinated employees (including all exemptions), volunteers, medical staff, consultants, students and others include masking and six feet distancing.


    Update 8/10/21:  Pullman Regional Hospital’s Employee Vaccine Policy will be updated to reflect WA Governor Inslee’s executive proclamation (issued 8/09/2021) requiring all healthcare workers in the state of Washington, as a condition of employment, to be fully vaccinated for the Covid-19 virus by October 18, 2021.  This proclamation also prohibits the opportunity for a personal exemption.

    Contact: Alison Weigley, Director of External Relations
    Pullman Regional Hospital & Foundation
    Office: (509) 332-2041 / Cell: (509) 330-0242

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