Bonnie's Story

A new lease on life.

Bonnie's Story

“It gave me a new lease on life.”

That’s what 83 year old Bonnie Smith, Colfax, has to say about the Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Clinic at Pullman Regional Hospital.  Bonnie was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis five years ago by Dr. Gary Candelaria in Colfax.

Bronchiectasis is a chronic condition where the walls of the bronchi are thickened from inflammation and infection.  Bonnie was taking antibiotics regularly and was resigned to not being able to do much. 

“I was so fatigued all the time, even after doing a little exercise,” she said.

Dr. Candelaria referred her to Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Bonnie came to Pullman Regional Hospital, where Reagan and Shania, guided her through 36 sessions from July through November 2019.

“I started off doing what I could but gradually I could do more,” she said. “They showed me how to breathe while I was exercising.”

“It worked miraculously,” Bonnie continues.  Previous to the rehabilitation, she had dropped to 108 pounds but she gained 8 pounds. “I have muscle and better airflow. I don’t have that terrible fatigue.”

Bonnie’s advice:  “Just keep up the exercise.”


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