David's Story

For a dyed in the wool Cougar, Pullman Regional Hospital is first-rate!

David's Story

Cougars love us!

For a dyed in the wool Cougar, Pullman Regional Hospital is first-rate!

David Bielski is a dyed-in-the-wool Cougar who comes from a long-line of Cougar alums.  The 70 year old from Aberdeen, WA graduated with a communications degree from WSU in the 1970s. His father and father-in-law are WSU alums and two out of three of his children are alums.  He comes to Pullman often with his wife and beloved dogs for WSU activities, particularly for Cougar football.

That’s what he was planning to do in October 2011 when he was in Pullman and on his way to a game at Martin Stadium. 

“I was at the food court at the CUB on campus for something to eat when I felt light headed and passed out just like that,” he said. Fortunately, there was a doctor and a trained EMT who were in the food court as well and they immediately responded.  David came too and said he felt fine but to be safe, he was transferred to Pullman Regional Hospital.

While in the ED, he passed out a second time and flat lined. He came to again and he was surprised to see six medical professionals in his room all taking care of him.   

This time, preparations were being made to life flight David to Sacred Heart in Spokane for advanced care.

“I told them, ‘But you don’t understand, I have a Cougar football game I have to go to,” he said.

“They said ‘Oh, no you don’t,’” David laughs.

Once in Spokane he was diagnosed with threateningly low heart rate had a pacemaker implanted. Today, he is doing just fine. 

“The care at Pullman Regional all the way through to the helicopter flight and ultimately getting the pacemaker was outstanding. Even though the guy in the operating room at Sacred Heart had a Husky hat on,” he jokes.

“Pullman’s medical staff was responsive and friendly,” David says with a healthy smile. “I have nothing but the highest praise for my medical team.”