Erin's Story

Erin's Story

Erin Jessup’s birth of her third child did not go as planned but she is grateful her son, Ethan Anthony, is now a healthy baby boy.  “Ethan had fluid in his lungs and was flown to Spokane shortly after birth,” said Erin. “I stayed behind because I had a Cesarean section and needed more time to recover, so my husband went to Spokane with our baby.” 

It was difficult being away from her baby boy but “Dr. (Maricarmen) Shields visited me often and she called up to Spokane and gave me regular updates on how Ethan was doing,” said Erin. 

Erin, who recently moved from Moscow to Pullman, said she was amazed at the level of care and the spacious rooms at BirthPlace.

“Everyone I met was so friendly and caring. The pharmacist and anesthesiologist came in to check on me,” she said, “as well as Dr. (Nigel) Campbell. The nurse ordered me a fruit basket because we didn’t get to do our birthday dinner. She (the nurse) also helped me go through all my paperwork before I was discharged, which was really helpful.” 

“I felt very cared for,” Erin said.