Heartfelt Care at Pullman Regional Hospital

Heartfelt Care at Pullman Regional Hospital

A cardiac event, like a heart attack or surgery can be life altering. “Our goal is to make sure our patients know they aren’t in this alone,” said Jennifer Saarela, Director of Pullman Regional Hospital’s Respiratory Care Services.

The hospital’s 36-week cardiac rehabilitation program, typically covered by insurance, provides personalized education for nutrition, exercise, strengthen training, and medication management.

Each patient has a personalized plan. It’s customized just for them and is based on the nature of their heart condition and their goals.

“Our patients, and their loved ones, really appreciate the one-on-one care and monitoring we provide. People can be fearful of getting back to their lives or activity after a heart attack. Doing rehabilitation here, in the hospital, surrounded by medical experts who are closely monitoring you, provides that ultimate peace of mind,” said Jennifer.

The program is referred by your doctor, and regardless of where a patient had their surgery or where they go for cardiology services, they can benefit from a program right here at home.

“It’s so important not to delay your care, especially recovery from a cardiac event,” encourages Jennifer. “While our protocols might look a little different in the midst of a pandemic, we are a safe place to get health care, and we’re grateful to provide this service to the community.”


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