Kimberly's Story

Kimberly's Story

“No ball ever got dropped.” 

That’s what new mom Kimberly Lackey said about her experience in BirthPlace at Pullman Regional Hospital.  “Everyone was so quick to respond to our requests and questions.” 

Kimberly, who had her baby girl, Leman, in March, spent about two days in the hospital.

“I really appreciated the consistency and we were able to have the same day nurse both days and the same night nurse both nights we were there.”

“A lot of my questions were “Is this normal?” or “Is this okay?” They were right there to answer my questions or reassure me,” said Kimberly.  “I didn’t have to wait three hours for an answer.”

She appreciates the extra amenities like the birthday party for baby Leman with a cake provided to all new families and their babies at BirthPlace.

“I even got a massage after giving birth!”

Kimberly is grateful to the staff at BirthPlace and to Dr. Adkins, her physician. In the following days since giving birth, she visited BirthPlace for lactation consultation and to ask a question about Leman. 

“They are all so wonderful and helpful,” said Kimberly.  “Having a new baby is not the easiest thing but with BirthPlace, it doesn’t have to be harder.”