Kristi's Story

Kristi's Story

When Kristi Kurle underwent shoulder surgery, she knew the recovery process would be lengthy. What she wasn’t expecting was that she would actually look forward to her physical therapy appointments. But after completing her 10 weeks of post-operative therapy, Kristi admits something she never thought possible- she might actually miss her therapy appointments because of how awesome her experience was.

Kristi received her physical therapy from Ed Robertson, Physical Therapist, and Kyle Hopwood, Physical Therapist Assistant, at Pullman Regional Hospital’s Summit Therapy location on Stadium Way, which opened in July of 2022. “I appreciated the fact that this Summit Therapy location is on the north side of town and allowed me to walk to each appointment- gaining extra exercise while dealing with my shoulder issue,” says Kristi. “The atmosphere was always friendly, and Ed and Kyle put a fun spin on the workouts with their wit and humor.” 

“I actually looked forward to each appointment because Ed and Kyle were so personable and attentive. It took my mind off of how actually grueling the therapy wasmost of the time!” laughs Kristi. 

Kristi also noted that being greeted by Christie Eacker, Patient Registrar, helped start each appointment on a positive note. “Christie was always ready to offer continued support and encouragement,” says Kristi.

“While no one wants to have surgery and have to endure the process of recovery, I couldn’t have asked for a better team to see me through it!” Kristi plans to pop her head into Summit Therapy Stadium Way from time to time to say hello and update Ed and Kyle on her continued progress.