Linda's Story

Linda's Story

Linda Nadeau’s advice to people is to know your own body.

“Trust yourself and see a doctor right away when something is not right,” said the Princeton, Idaho resident.

When Linda, 72 years old, was experiencing ongoing swelling in her leg, she saw her primary care physician, Dr. Stephanie Fosback, in Pullman. 

She was diagnosed with a slow acting lymphoma in September 2019. 

“I was given the choice to go to Spokane or Dr. Rai at Palouse Oncology & Hematology in Moscow,” Linda said. “I’m grateful I had the choice to receive treatment here and not have to go to Spokane.”

Linda receives chemotherapy right here on the Palouse.

“Dr. Rai is right on top of things,” she said.  “She personally calls you if she has things she wants to talk over with you.”

Linda said a big part of having cancer is a ‘mental thing.’

“You must have a positive outlook,” she said.

She is not experiencing many side effects from the intensive treatment and is still able to play pickleball and do her quilting.

“It’s because of my Faith, family and friends,” she said. “They are my prayer warriors.”

Palouse Specialty Physicians is a regional partnership between Gritman Medical Center, Pullman Regional Hospital, and Whitman Hospital and Medical Center. Palouse Oncology & Hematology is supported by Palouse Specialty Physicians and Cancer Care Northwest. The clinic is located in Moscow and serves patients throughout the region. It is staffed by Dr. Srijana Rai, Oncologist.


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