Surgical Excellence. Simplified. Max Kirk’s Story.

Surgical Excellence. Simplified. Max Kirk’s Story.

A diagnosis of prostate cancer can be very frightening. And when you hear that diagnosis, you seek out the very best care. That’s why local resident, Max Kirk, chose Dr. John Keizur and da Vinci robotic-assisted surgery at Pullman Regional Hospital.

“Pullman Regional Hospital is top-notch. I’ve had two knee replacements and now a da Vinci surgery here, and there’s nowhere else I would want to get care.” –Max Kirk

When consulting with Dr. Keizur and learning more about the da Vinci technology prior to his surgery, Max asked, “Do I have to go to Spokane for a da Vinci surgery?” Dr. Keizur answered, “No. We have it here.”

Pullman Regional Hospital has been the hospital of choice for da Vinci surgeries in the region since 2012. The da Vinci robot is used for many urologic and nearly all hysterectomy procedures, as well as a growing number of general surgery procedures because patients benefit from quicker recoveries with less pain, less blood loss, and less scarring, when compared to other surgical methods.

Our da Vinci Si technology has been a crucial tool to provide the best surgical experience to our patients for nine years.

The hospital is slated to upgrade to the da Vinci Xi to continue offering minimally-invasive surgical options to our patients; funding for this $1.9 million machine is made possible through philanthropy.

Max’s recovery went so well that he wasn’t experiencing any pain at all post-op. He needed nothing for pain after discharge and the very day he returned home, just three days after surgery, he went for a one-mile walk. He insists that being pain-free made his recovery go so well.

Some people travel hundreds of miles for da Vinci procedures which allow for a quicker recovery with less pain, less bleeding and less scarring. We’re grateful for the generosity of others to ensure Pullman Regional Hospital has the same technology as hospitals in larger cities, right here at home.

Max is grateful for the care he received at Pullman Regional Hospital, and he will tell you, “I have all the confidence in the world in da Vinci surgeries at Pullman Regional Hospital and I’ve already recommended Dr. Keizur to my friends!”

He believes that the da Vinci technology adds to the exceptional level of care in Pullman. “This type of care and this type of hospital are the very best option for patients and a wise investment for the community.”


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