Savannah's Story

Savannah's Story

Foot and ankle problems can appear at any age- having a Podiatrist that’s accommodating, friendly, and personable is important, especially for little ones. 

Nikki Nolt’s daughter, Savannah, was only a year and a half old when she started seeing Dr. Capawana for foot treatments. 

Nikki said that Dr. Capawana “instantly connected with her and made her feel comfortable through the whole process- a difficult task when dealing with an energetic, wiggly toddler! 

Savannah required serial casting, a process that requires a new cast every two weeks. Dr. Capawana always made sure she had fun cast colors to choose from- which made the experience something to look forward to for her! The casting process took about an hour and during that time Dr. Capawana would talk to Savannah in such an engaging way that she didn’t even notice what was going on around her”. 

Reflecting on the many appointments and casts, Nikki is so appreciative of the positive experience Dr. Capawana gave her and her daughter. “We really loved working with him,” she recalls. She encourages anyone needing foot and ankle treatments to talk to their doctor about making a referral with Pullman Foot & Ankle. 

Dr. Capawana has been practicing on the Palouse for over 20 years and is experienced with helping patients of all ages with their foot and ankle problems. He recently joined Pullman Foot & Ankle, a part of the Pullman Regional Hospital’s Clinic Network. He can help patients with a variety of common foot and ankle problems including: arthritis, broken bones and sprains, flatfeet, tendonitis, sports injuries and more.