Tami and Joe's Story

Ensuring high-quality healthcare on the Palouse

Tami and Joe's Story

Endowment for Quality and Access: Tami and Joe Pitzer

Tami and Joe Pitzer have deep roots in the Pullman community. They believe and trust in Pullman Regional Hospital and are passionate supporters of the hospital’s Endowment for Quality & Access.

“We’ve always been able to count on Pullman Regional Hospital—it gives us great peace of mind,” shares Tami.

The Pitzers’ community connections are numerous, spanning from Pullman school district, to Washington State University, to Joe’s 18-year tenure on the Pullman Regional Hospital Board of Commissioners. “We thought long and hard about how to make this financial commitment to the Endowment work for our family, but we knew it was important, and we want to support this community,” says Joe.

Tami and Joe recognize the perpetual changing nature of healthcare and medicine. They have a deep appreciation for the proactive approach the hospital is taking to ensure quality care is accessible and affordable.

“Pullman Regional Hospital is unique,” says Tami. “The staff, the physicians—they care. They are talented and skilled, and they truly take the time with their patients so you never feel rushed.”

“There are many ways to give back to your community,” encourages Joe. “It’s all about taking care of the people that take care of you.”

The Pullman Regional Hospital Endowment for Quality & Access is critical to continuing a legacy of providing exceptional care. Learn how you can help.
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