Women's Leadership Guild Gives Away $20,000

The Power to Empower

Women's Leadership Guild Gives Away $20,000

The Power to Empower—The Women’s Leadership Guild

The Women’s Leadership Guild was just an idea in January of 2015. In a matter of months, ideas fused with leadership, leadership inspired a shared vision, and this shared vision to empower women and children through the power of philanthropy became a reality. Women’s Leadership Guild Chair, Ashley Alred and board members Judy Kolde, Shelley Bennett, and Colleen MacDonald have recruited more than 20 women to join with them. In September, members of the Women’s Leadership Guild voted to fully fund five regional non-profit programs at $2,000 apiece.

“Our members are passionate, generous, community-minded women. We want to ensure good healthcare is available to every woman and child in our region,” said Alred.

Funds are generated through a minimum annual membership contribution of $1,000 a year. “Every penny is given away to support women’s and children’s health. Half supports Pullman Regional Hospital and the other half is given away through grant awards,” said Alred.

“The Guild is inclusive,” said Colleen MacDonald. “All members have a voice and a vote.”

2015 grant award recipients include Friends of Hospice, the Community Action Center, the Willow Center, Circles of Caring Adult Day Services, and the Pullman Feeding Team for Children.

“The grant award process was a wonderful opportunity to learn about the meaningful work being done right here in our community,” said Shelley Bennett. “Each applicant presented their case for support, and some incorporated incredible creativity,” said Bennett.

The Community Action Center’s cooking demonstration was accompanied by the musical talents of Daniella Clark, a local concert harpist advocating on behalf of the Friends of Hospice. Parents and children having worked with the Pullman Feeding Team for Children shared their stories of overcoming challenges with feeding tubes with the help of a team of providers.

“What we’re doing with this Guild is so important. We need to foster an inclusive, supportive, and empowering community for children and women through the promotion of wellness,” said Judy Kolde. “We’ve also created an environment for women to thrive through networking.”

The membership meetings, held every other month are conducted at Sanctuary Yoga, a donation of space from owner, Judy Kolde. Support is provided by staff of the Pullman Regional Hospital Foundation.

“The Foundation is honored to help give the Women’s Leadership Guild wings. The rate of success is a true testament to the power of a shared vision and the generosity of others to help those in need,” said Chief Development Officer, Rueben Mayes.

Find out more about the Women’s Leadership Guild online: www.pullmanregional.org/wlg