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    Dr. Randy Zuckerman is the kind of person you’d want as a neighbor. He loves spending time with his family, outdoor adventuring, and hitting the ski slopes. He’s friendly, personable, and is full of good stories. He’s also one of the new on-call emergency surgeons at Pullman Surgical Associates, the region’s new surgery practice through Pullman Regional Hospital. While you hope to never have to meet Dr. Zuckerman, know that you’re in excellent hands if you find yourself in need of emergency surgery one day.


    Emergency general surgery is essentially any operation that is unplanned. This could include trauma, appendicitis, gallbladder or bowel troubles, among other procedures. While many emergencies are unavoidable, there are some ways to reduce your risk of ending up in the emergency department with Dr. Zuckerman. “Accidents are often caused by alcohol consumption and poor decision making,” says Dr. Zuckerman. His best piece of advice? “Do your best to avoid a decision or situation that leads to an irreversible outcome.” 


    Dr. Zuckerman recognizes that Pullman is a college town, where many young adults experience their first taste of freedom- including possible experimentation with alcohol and drugs. He encourages this large student population to “do [their] best to survive [their] youth”. Knowing your limits with substances, avoiding operating vehicles and heavy machinery when intoxicated, and taking a second to think about an action before doing it can help everyone stay safe and out of harm's way. He says that easy lifestyle choices like always wearing a seatbelt, wearing a helmet, and using appropriate safety gear when trying new activities can be the difference between finding yourself in need of emergency general surgery or not. 


    Dr. Zuckerman truly enjoys being a surgeon. He believes “it’s really gratifying to help people in a true time of need.” He also recognizes that he sees patients on one of their worst days; you don’t plan to have emergency surgery or to end up in the hospital. His goal is to help his patients get to a point where they’re feeling better and have a positive experience out of a crummy situation. 


    While you wouldn’t make an appointment with Dr. Zuckerman, know that should you find yourself in an emergency situation, he’s ready to care for you. Dr. Zuckerman is accompanied by Dr. Martin, who both will be covering emergency surgeries in the region. Pullman Surgical Associates is headed up by Dr. Nancy Panko and Dr. John Visger, who can provide a variety of general surgical procedures including endoscopies, vasectomies, hysterectomies, double mastectomies, and much more. Unlike Dr. Zuckerman, you can make an appointment with Dr. Panko or Dr. Visger; simply ask your primary care provider for a referral! You’re in good hands, right here at home. 


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