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    Here’s the thing- surgery doesn’t have to be complicated. We understand it may be an inconvenience and interruption to your daily routine, but it shouldn’t be frustrating, confusing, or complex. Pullman Surgical Associates is taking a new approach: Surgical Excellence. Simplified.


    The structure of the new Pullman Surgical Associates, opening September 1, is focused on providing a total patient-focused experience. Dr. Martin and Dr. Zuckerman will handle on-call surgeries, making Dr. Panko and Dr. Visger accessible to their scheduled patients. This means no cancelled appointments because your surgeon got called into an emergency surgery, no worrying you won’t be able to see your provider at your scheduled time, and a consistent experience for all. These talented surgeons have the skills and experience to surgically treat everything from lumps and bumps to hernias; from abdominal organ, esophageal, and thyroid dysfunction to port-a-cath placements, and more- right here at home in Pullman, WA. 


    “Having designated on-call surgeons at the hospital provides stability and consistency for the physicians in the clinic, allowing them to remain reliably in the office to see patients at their scheduled appointment times.  For the patient, this translates into a more consistent, reliable office appointment with a much lower chance of being delayed or rescheduled,” says Lisa Cordodor, Clinic Manager for Pullman Surgical Associates. 


    Not only does this create a consistent experience, but it also helps cut down on wait times to get an appointment for a consultation or scheduled procedure. We understand that waiting to receive medical care is not ideal. The Pullman Surgical Associates model ensures a clear, straightforward patient experience free of scheduling hassles and extreme wait times. Rest assured, every aspect of this practice was designed with the patient experience in mind. 


    If you ever find yourself in need of emergency surgical services, this new practice design will also aid you. Rather than having to wait for a surgeon to become available who is also juggling clinic time, patients now have an on-call surgeon available 24/7 that has no other competing responsibilities. Cordodor emphasizes that “this will result in more consistent, quicker surgeon response for patients in that unscheduled, urgent situation”. 


    Pullman Surgical Associates is unique since it is rare for a rural community to have access to the level of specialized care and technology that these surgeons can provide. Pullman Surgical Associates will provide a variety of general surgeries including appendectomies, hemorrhoidectomies, hernias, vasectomies, da Vinci Robotic-assisted surgeries & much more. View the full list of procedures


    Scheduling your consultation with Dr. Panko or Dr. Visger is as easy as talking to your doctor about a referral. 


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