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    Do I need Orthotics or Inserts?

    Feb 22, 2024

    A quick Google search for ‘shoe inserts’ brings up over 355,000,000 results for products that promise all sorts of benefits and features, like memory foam insoles, shock absorption, fatigue prevention, foot strain management, and much more. But who...

    Reducing the Appearance of Post-Surgery Scarring with Massage Therapy

    Jan 15, 2024

    A concern for many patients after learning they need major surgery is around what scarring will look like. Massage therapy can help remodel scar tissue post-surgery to reduce the visibility and appearance of surgical scars. Tyne Gray, Licensed...

    Occupational Therapy & Splinting

    Aug 17, 2023

    An Occupational Therapist's primary goal is to increase a patient’s capacity to engage in everyday activities they need or want to do. Sometimes, customized devices and materials (such as splints) are used to gently shape and guide a patient’s...

    How To Introduce Allergens to Your Baby

    May 11, 2022

    Did you know there are 9 major proteins that trigger allergic reactions? With so many common prepared and packaged foods incorporating one or more of these allergens, introducing new foods to a baby can seem daunting.

    The Negative Effects of Stress & How to Manage Stress in a Healthy Way

    Dec 28, 2020

    Stress gets a bad reputation, even though it is a natural and necessary phenomenon. Without it, humans would not have survived. It’s only when stress becomes too overwhelming that it turns problematic. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are...

    Ergonomics: Ensuring Home Office Safety and Productivity

    Sep 15, 2020

    Efficiency and productivity are a key attribute of successful organizations. As business leaders strive to improve employee performance, it’s important to look at ergonomics—the study of interactions between people and their environment.