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    Pullman Surgical Associates provides 24/7 emergency surgical care to the region through Dr. Randy Zuckerman and Dr. Ron Martin. Emergency surgery is unplanned; it’s not scheduled or anticipated, and for most of us, it’s a world of unknowns.


    We know your first question may not be around who your surgeon is, but knowing who the person behind the surgical mask is, can help provide peace of mind. At Pullman Regional Hospital, rest assured, your emergency surgery team defines surgical excellence. 


    If Dr. Martin walks into the OR, you know you’re in good hands. Dr. Martin is a man of many talents and experiences. He devoted more than 25 years to the U.S. Army as a surgeon, wrote/edited over 100 books, and moved around the country working at hospitals of all shapes and sizes to enhance the patient experience. With such a wide range of skills, you can bet he has the expertise and experience to manage complicated urgent surgery. Plus, he’s witty and kind.


    As the first and only Consulting Editor for the Surgical Clinics, Dr. Martin has had the opportunity to develop relationships with some of the most accomplished surgeons in the world. “It’s a bit like having the folks at NASA on speed dial to help you with your science homework,” he jokes. “Because of the scope, breadth, and depth of the material we cover, it gives me the opportunity- and sometimes forces me, to keep up with the very edge of what we as a global surgical community think are the best ways to understand what we do.” This editorial role helps Dr. Martin stay informed and up-to-date on the latest innovation, research, and techniques to provide patients the best possible care. 


    Dr. Martin’s surgical experience with the U.S. Army helped give him a sense of global connectivity. “Being far away from home under sometimes adverse conditions makes one extremely aware of what is truly important and what is nice but perhaps non-essential. It also focuses one’s mind on how much we are all interdependent on each other for all matters great and small,” recounts Dr. Martin. He developed a better understanding of how cooperation between people and facilities can be leveraged to get patients the best outcomes in their time of need- something he’s carried through his various surgical experiences here in the United States. 


    If one day you require emergency surgery, Dr. Martin wants you to know he is committed to providing the best surgical care possible. “Patients often have to meet us under challenging circumstances,” recognizes Dr. Martin, “We have a longstanding depth and breadth of surgical experience to help them get the best resolution to their concerns.” 


    Both Dr. Martin and Dr. Zuckerman have worked in some of the largest hospitals in the United States, as well as some very remote places with limited resources. That range of experience has situated both of them well to help provide surgical care to our region. 


    “It is particularly gratifying to work with Dr Zuckerman. We have been friends, colleagues, and surgical partners in some capacity for well over 15 years. Our long standing working relationship and friendship makes it very easy to work together seamlessly. We have fun and are very comfortable covering each other’s patients whenever necessary,” says Dr. Martin.


    The structure of Pullman Surgical Associates is focused on providing a total patient-focused experience. Dr. Martin and Dr. Zuckerman will handle on-call surgeries, making surgeons Dr. Nancy Panko and Dr. John Visger accessible to their scheduled patients. This means no cancelled appointments because your surgeon got called into an emergency surgery, no worrying you won’t be able to see your provider at your scheduled time, and a consistent experience for all. You can learn more about Dr. Martin on the Pullman Surgical Associates webpage. 


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