All in the Family

The Orthopedic Center of Excellence

All in the Family

Fourth generation farmer Wayne Druffel, alongside brothers Roy, Ken, Mark and their families, are committed to supporting the Orthopedic Center of Excellence expansion project through their endowment.

Established in 2015, The Norm and Jessie Druffel Family Endowment is the brothers' way to honor their generous parents while giving back to their community. Earnings from the endowment will support the Orthopedic Center of Excellence providing much-needed funds for space and equipment. Carrying on their parents legacy of dedication and service to others is a remarkable inspiration and the impact that this endowment will have on Pullman Regional Hospital for years to come is significant. 

"Orthopedics is a major medical area, especially for this region. It's time to get to work to help expand the Orthopedic Center of Excellence to allow for more space to see patients and upgrade the latest medical technology and equipment, enhancing the overall experience." - Wayne Druffel

Join the Druffel family by making a gift, and help double the current clinical space, increasing patient capacity and reducing wait times for those that need it most.