Baby Kawula's Story

Baby Kawula's Story

Oh baby! 2022 is already a life changing year for Margo Gildner and Evan Kawula of Moscow, as they welcomed their first child.

Nora Joan Kawula arrived into the world at Pullman Regional Hospital’s BirthPlace on January 3, 2022 at 3:48am. She was the first baby born at the hospital in 2022. The name Nora is inspired by Margo and Evan’s shared love of Jazz music and the artist Nora Jones. Her middle name, Joan, is in honor of Margo’s 94 year old grandmother.

Margo is a grad student at the University of Idaho, studying outdoor recreation and Evan is an electrician with Strom Electric. The couple share a love for outdoor adventures and frequent the rock climbing wall at the UI Rec Center. While Nora probably won’t be hitting the rock wall anytime soon, she has other interests- like eating and snuggling with her parents. 

While the couple was planning for birth with a local midwife, baby Nora had different plans and a hospital birth was recommended. “The choice was easy,” said Evan; they headed to Pullman Regional Hospital, where they describe the care both mom and baby have received as “amazing.” 

“All of the nurses were so attentive, and we have had so much support, especially through our lactation nurse, Laura Keogh,” said Margo. With Nora’s 3:48am arrival, the night nurses were also a standout to the BirthPlace experience. “Sara, Sarah, Kinsey and Charles have been awesome,” said Margo and Evan. “This has been such a supportive experience; we felt empowered to make decisions the entire time.”

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