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    The Truth About Cesarean Section Recovery

    Nov 30, 2023

    There are different reasons why a pregnant woman may undergo a cesarean section procedure, commonly referred to as C-section. For some, it’s a health matter. Others select to have a C-section. In still other cases, women plan for a vaginal delivery...

    What are Braxton Hicks Contractions?

    Sep 25, 2023

    Braxton Hicks contractions aren’t an indication of labor- so what are they? Do all expecting mothers experience these pre-labor contractions? Why do they occur? Dr. Molly Thompson, Family Medicine and OB Physician at Pullman Regional Hospital’s...

    Pregnancy Footwear- What Not to Wear

    Sep 18, 2023

    It’s safe to say pregnancy causes a lot of body changes, aside from the obvious waistline expansion. ‘Pregnancy nose,’ ‘pregnancy gums,’ and ‘pregnancy feet’ are all normal changes that occur when a woman is expecting. Ed Robertson, Physical...

    Inducing Labor: What Happens?

    Aug 18, 2023

    Every mom-to-be hopes for a trouble-free pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. There are a number of reasons why a woman might need to have her labor induced.

    Pregnancy Pain: How Physical Therapy Can Help

    Jun 22, 2023

    Pregnancy is an exciting time- it’s also full of many changes. Kim Fletcher, PT, DPT, PRPC a Certified Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner at Summit Therapy & Health Services encourages expecting moms who are experiencing pain or reduced mobility and...

    Labor and Delivery: No Pain, No Gain?

    Mar 24, 2022

    There’s quite a divide in the baby community: natural birth versus medicated. Some expecting mamas want to forgo medication and experience the feelings, contractions, and… pain of childbirth, while others opt to receive an epidural or other pain...